Barbara Newhall Follett : A Life in Letters


Finally, it’s here! My big book for Barbara—a 638-page softcover edition and an ebook for Kindles and other devices. Both have over 40 photographs. I’m VERY pleased with the end result!!

I’m waiting to hear from Amazon about incorporating their “look inside” feature so you can take a look for yourself. (UPDATE: “Look inside” now incorporated.) If you don’t like Amazon it should be available from other retailers very soon, and in real book shops too if they choose to stock it (which they should).

If you’d like to purchase the softcover, you’d be doing me a favor by buying from Amazon’s CreateSpace page. If you’d like the ebook, it’s cheapest ($9.99) on Amazon, but again you’d be doing me a favor by downloading from Smashwords ($12). There you can download a quarter of the book for free, to get you hooked!

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  1. Just received my copy! Looks great. Well done on finishing the book Stefan. I know how much effort it has taken to bring this project to fruition.

  2. Thank you so much for putting together this collection of letters from this important and fascinating author. Barbara’s letters not only reveal her character and genius, they also bring the reader incredibly close to her side, as if we were a frequent visitor to the household. I have an inkling now what it must have been like to talk with her, perhaps even to be among those very lucky adults with whom she maintained a regular correspondence. These letters make clear that by the age of ten Barbara had developed of mastery of expression that places her among the best of writers of any era. Such vivid, discerning, joyful, and honest descriptions of the natural world as Barbara provided with apparent ease deserve to be known to the world and lauded as examplars of what our English language can accomplish when wielded by a truly gifted author. I salute you.

  3. Dear Stefan, I stumbled across this post and am deeply intrigued. Will try to find your book on Amazon tho it is a year and a half later. Kudos to all your hard work getting it to press. I have boxes of my family writings going back to the 18th century. Always a mystery if you’re willing to look. Thanks for the inspiration! KATHRYN L.

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