My mother’s second birthday

L-R: Wilson Follett, Margaret Follett, Jane Follett, Grace Follett, Barbara Follett

I apologize for the poor quality of the image (it’s from a faded 35mm slide from my mother’s collection), but for the Follett family this photograph is gold. (L-R): My grandfather Wilson Follett (1887-1963); his third wife (my grandmother) Margaret Whipple Follett (1907-1992); my mother Jane Follett (1935-2010); Grace Parker Follett (1911-1995; the only child of my grandfather’s first marriage to Grace Huntington Parker, who sadly died about three weeks after Grace was born); and Barbara Newhall Follett (1914-???), daughter of Wilson and his second wife, Helen Thomas Follett. The  photograph was taken at the Follett home in Bradford, Vermont, on February 9, 1937, probably by Barbara’s husband Nickerson Rogers.

My second birthday was less formal.

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  1. Sabra would have been at school. I imagine Nick and Barbara happened to be in the area; they had rented a very inexpensive cabin in New Hampshire to escape from Boston f0r skiing trips. In fact I don’t think my grandfather ever saw Sabra again after deserting his family in 1928.

  2. Dear Stefan,
    Do you know when the divorce between Wilson and Helen was finalized and/or when Wilson married your grandmother Margaret? Do you know anything about the terms of the Wilson/Helen divorce? What happened to the house Wilson and Helen had been living in on Armory Street in New Haven?
    Thank you for any information you can provide.

    1. I don’t know when the divorce was finalized, but it was probably shortly before my grandparents got married for the first time, in Yuma, Arizona on December 8, 1931. (For reasons that aren’t clear to me, they got married again, in Ojai, California on February 6, 1933.)

      The house on Armory Street was sold in the early 1930s.

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